If there’s one thing I realised

it’s that after spending 5 hours a day on WordPress for work, I am incredibly lazy to come over to my personal blog and write about my day. Been relying heavily on Dayre to track my life which isn’t a good thing! This blog has been with me since Sec 3 (oh my) and despite beingย incrediblyย cringy at times, it’s good to look back on occasionally. But unfortunately it’s so difficult to add photos, ensure they’re aligned etc etc :-( I’m a lazy person but OK – I’ll start getting my thoughts in order haha. It’s been more than a month since the semester ended and I have yet to collect my thoughts + do a module review (though am admittedly very lazy to do one).

Not to mention I often leave my laptop in office instead of bringing it home because there are so many other things to do at home!! Everyone at work is very baffled at how I do it but it’s just about preferring to read and do other things instead of watching shows, which I don’t do much of anyway.

It’s the 6th week into my internship – I am halfway there! – and it’s been a learning journey. Will dedicate a solo post to this post-internship because erm I don’t want my current boss to somehow, due to his incredible vast SEO capabilities, find what I write about the company LOL. Not that it’s bad la it’s just ~uncomfortable~ haha.

Also doing module planning + internship planning and I am o v e r w h e l m e d like HELP LA what is even going on?? At least I’ve settled on my FYP so that’s one direction I can work towards module-wise but for PA I’m undecided between Journ and PR :-( Still unsure of which I want to pursue as a career LOL the future is real and daunting!!!! But I know I don’t really want to work somewhere which requires you to wear penguin suits to work haha or doll up super well because I amย lazy and most defnitely not that kind of girl.

Can’t believe I’ll be graduating in 2 year’s time :’-) / :’-(

Zan x




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