Today I realised that everything I’m unhappy with in my life can be changed – tbh that’s the case for most people haha. 

  • My weight/diet/looks
  • Strength (especially when it comes to ballet)
  • How much savings I have
  • My grades (feels like I’m not giving my best? There’s this nagging “You’re better than this – time to show it with your work” voice in the back of my mind. Not to be mixed up with “You’re not good enough”.)
  • Not volunteering enough 

So this summer will be a season of change and growth. Right now I’m lacking discipline!!! A lot of it HAHA I don’t expect my lifestyle to change 180° in the span of 3 months (what a nice thought though) but I’ll start small. 

Short term summer goals: To hit the gym/exercise once a week (ok it’s damn paltry but right now it’s 0 so DON’T BE A HATER) and to eat fast food only once every two weeks. Hope the places I’ve applied to volunteer at get back to me soon as well!!

From this you can tell how unhealthy I usually am LOL oops #exposed 

Honestly I’m quite unhappy with some aspects of my life even if I don’t ~admit~ or complain to others but I’m still a whiny bitch deep inside my heart 😀😀 Also because I tend to not let myself throw pity parties BECAUSE NOBODY ENTERTAINS ME ZZ. But this post is me taking matters into my own hands also grabbing life by the balls (sadly not grabbing to school can grab sponsor me some credits I will be an ambassador)!!!! 

I’m a mess but baaaaaby steps and I will be less of a mess.

Zan x



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