two years in university

It’s been 2 academic years since I stepped into WKW as a clueless freshie – tbh I’m still a clueless sophomore so – and I’ve honestly never felt this fulfilled in school before! It’s amazing to be in a school where people are so dedicated to their craft and really strive to submit top quality work. Granted, it gets a little demoralising when I’m not as good as them, but it’s not something worth beating myself up over. It does suck not being a straight-A or even just straight-B+ student but hovering at the lower end of the GPA totem pole has made me realise that passion really does sustain. 

My grades are terrible (I’m just going to be honest here and say it’s 3rd class so people don’t assume it’s actually a 2nd upper but vying for 1st class kind of thing) but I’ve never felt like I didn’t belong. Yes, I struggled with belonging in terms of friendship but I was happy doing projects and just bumbling along with no friends in school. I made more friends as the year went along and while they have made me more excited for breaks, nothing has been diminishing my excitement for lessons. OK, there are shitty lecturers and tutors but content creation (wow touchy term but let’s just roll with it) is really a rollercoaster that I enjoy throughly. 

Changing my never-officially-declared specialisation is a risk of sorts but I’m excited to chase God & glorify Him through studies too! 

University has taught me so much about just putting yourself out there and trying for what you want, and even if your shot misses, try again. Don’t let failure bog you down and consume you. I applied to around 10 different places for a summer internship and ultimately only got accepted for 1 – everyone else didn’t bother replying. The point is, I didn’t feel dejected and just sat around complaining about how I didn’t receive any offers. I sat around and complained but ALSO continued looking and I think that’s more important!!! 

Am going to risk my GPA even more next semester because there’s so many things I want to try but I’m rooted in the camp that says experience is more important than grades!! (OK maybe I’m just comforting myself but if I do get experience who’s the winner here hee hee)

The semester has been trying though; it pushed my limits and made me realise things about myself that I do not care to share here. I regret taking Creative Writing though because while it was fun, I don’t enjoy having to pander towards the tutor’s preferences in terms of genre. I stuck to my guns, didn’t receive good grades for two assignments thus far and am slightly bitter about it LOL. Am not perfect la I do get annoyed about bad grades. But I adamantly refuse to suck up and stifle my own creativity! (Low key judge people who take modules based on how well they can score instead of interest.. like it’s $8k a year why waste it??) 

Toodles am off to enjoy the Good Friday/Easter Sunday long weekend!

Zan x 


2 thoughts on “two years in university

  1. HAHAH same!!!!!!! I am not even 2nd upper too but i feel like i can hold my own too :) we not wkw superstars but superstar in our own right la hhahahhaa. ATB for your intern!!! ^^


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