reading the Bible on the bus

and I’m really thankful to Jesus who died for me. Honestly there are so many things that I’ve managed to do but it was only through Christ’s strength! Also trying my hardest to partner with God in life and it’s rewarding – I might feel like a mess and act like a mess but somehow it worked out in the end (re previous post that was typed at the start of this week). 

Was honestly so frustrated/lost/confused/dejected throughout the week but constant prayer kept me going. Knowing that at the end of my life I will get to meet Jesus face to face is also extremely comforting and honestly 10/10 would not mind. 

I wouldn’t say I’m a very good Christian because I know I’m not; I probably sin just as much as pre-believers but I do try. (Lol I just sound like I’m praising myself??? 😑) But I have learnt how to treat people with the same love that God has shown me and I think that’s very important. The unconditional and un self-serving kind. 

Zan x



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